Sri’s Rama

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Spirituality and India are inseparable.

From this ‘karma bhoomi’ or the land of action—where the emphasis is on what lies beyond the material, the visible and the tangible—the grand sage Valmiki sang the nectarine Ramayana, the story of Divinity, Rama, eons ago.

Several philosophies exist to explain the distinction between body and soul. Of these, the ancient philosophy of Sri Vaishnavam enjoys a special niche with its tenet of “Surrender is the sole duty of every soul.” Sri Ramanujar, the merciful Acharyan, (wise teacher) revived the philosophy strongly.

Sri’s Rama, set in verse, is a retelling of the Ramayana in the context of Sri Vaishnavam.

Sri’s Rama speaks of the powerful and principled Rama. The gentle and virtuous Sita. And of Surrender to their Divine Union that is mighty, yet forgiving, incomprehensible, yet simple.